Special Medical or Social Needs

Children who have statement of Special Educational Need which names our school will be admitted to the school.

We will consider individual applications involving medical or social needs. This kind of application must be supported in writing by relevant professional agencies i.e. a doctor or social worker. This supporting evidence should set out the particular reasons why the school is most suitable and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school.

If your child has Special Educational Needs but does not have a "statement" of need then your application will be considered on the basis of the school's admission criterion.

If you believe your child's special needs are relevant to the reasons for applying to our school, for example on medical or social grounds, then you should tell us about this on your application form including why you want your child to attend our school and what difficulties it would cause should they not be accepted. In these circumstances you must also provide supporting evidence, in writing, from a professional i.e. a doctor or a social worker.

In exceptional circumstances we will determine if it is appropriate to allocate your child a place.

All applicants are asked to provide proof of their home address.

Where there are places available for some, but not all applicants within a particular criterion, distance from home address to school will be the deciding factor, with preference being given to those whose home address is nearest to the school, as measured by the shortest walking route. Parents should note that admission to the school is admission to St. Catherine’s School only and by itself gives no priority in application for places in any other school, primary or secondary.