St. Catherine’s School policy conforms with that of the L.A. and fulfils the requirement of the “Education Reform Act” 1st April 1989.
No charges are to be made for books, materials, equipment, tuition or any other associated costs for education provided as part of the National Curriculum.

1. Voluntary Contributions

Parents may be invited to make voluntary contributions for any activities taking place either inside or outside school hours, providing it is made clear that failure to contribute will not affect the pupil’s right to take part in any activity.
2. Charges

The school, through the Headteacher, may charge for the following activities:
  • Optional extras - deemed to be activities which take place outside school hours and not related in whole or part of National Curriculum.
  • Board and lodging on residential trips during school hours.
  • Full or partial costs on residential trips outside school hours.
  • An appropriate charge may be made to a pupil receiving individual tuition for a non-prescribed public examination or for activities which are not related to the National Curriculum. The charge per pupil will be determined on a termly basis and will depend on the number of children receiving tuition. Parents will by charged directly by the Newcastle Music Service who provide instrumental tuition in guitar, violin, clarinet, trumpet, flute and drums to pupils during school hours. Children can access this tuition from Y2 upwards. If your child is interested please let the school office know.

3. Breakages & Fines
Parents may be asked to pay for the cost of replacement or repair where damage is deemed to be by a pupil’s deliberate intention to cause damage.
4. Remissions

a. Charges levied may be remitted, in whole or in part, if the Headteacher believes that charging may cause an undue financial burden on any given family.

b. Any family, in receipt of income support, or family credit will not pay for board and lodgings on residential trips where the school is the active agent in charging parents.
The condition (b) may not apply if any other organisation acts as the booking/charging agent.