St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that music is a powerful form of communication that enables personal expression, reflection and development.
We encourage our pupils to develop a love of music by performing on instruments, singing, composing and listening to a wide range of music in our curriculum lessons.
Our long-term vision for music is that all pupils access high-quality weekly music lessons and can progress their learning by taking up an instrument or joining a musical group. The skills involved within music lessons will help pupils develop their self-esteem, cooperation and creativity necessary for success.
Children will find that music can be enjoyable and relaxing, providing emotional outlets to cope with the pressures of modern-day society. We also believe it is important to celebrate and showcase the variety of talents and skills we have in school, giving children the opportunity to succeed in a variety of environments and opening them up to new prospects for their future.
We want children to adopt a life-long love of music, inspiring some to develop their musical abilities going forward.
Please see the link below for the Music Partnership North Hub. Here you can access free online resources, musical tuition, groups and other creative opportunities for your young people.