Phonics at St Catherine’s

We follow the Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics programme to teach children how to read and write. RWI is a systematic way of learning centered around letter sounds and phonics.

When learning to read using RWI children will:

  • Learn that sounds are represented by written letters.
  • Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture prompts and rhymes.
  • Learn how to blend sounds together
  • Learn to read using ‘Fred Talk’
  • Receive a RWI book bag book which is matched to the sounds they are learning.
  • Read a RWI guided reading book in class which challenges their phonic knowledge and reading comprehension.

When learning to write using RWI children will:

  • Learn a rhyme to help with letter formation.
  • Learn to write the letter/letter groups that represent the 44 sounds taught.
  • Learn to write words by saying sounds in ‘Fred Talk’
  • Learn to write ‘Red Words’ (common exception words)
  • Learn to write common exception words.

Parent Videos

The RWI Website has lots of information for you about the RWI scheme.

How can I support my child at home?

  • Ask your child to read the speed sounds cards speedily
  • Use Fred Talk to help your child read and spell words
  • Listen to your child read their RWI story book every day.
  • Practise reading Green and Red words in your child’s book speedily
  • Read a story book to your child each day.

What will my child bring home to read?

  • Read Write Inc. storybooks which they have read in Guided Reading at school. This is the story book they have just read at school and maybe a few times before for extra practise. Do not worry if it appears to easy for them children enjoy reading stories they know well. Their speed and understanding improves on every read.
  • Book Bag books matched to the sounds they have read and the books they are reading in school they include some comprehension activities to do with the children at home.
  • Speed Sounds cards when needed to support with letter recognition


Please encourage your child to read the same book again and again. Their reading becomes speedier and they understand what they are reading.