Admissions to Nursery

Children will be admitted to the Nursery Unit in the school year following their third birthday. For admission in 2023, children must be three on or before 31 August 2023.

28 February 2023 is the closing date for applications.

15 April 2023 is offer day.

There is a limit of 26 part time places in the Nursery.

Priority will be given to children in the following order:

  1. Baptised Catholic Children who are Looked After Children (Children in the Care of the Local Authority)
  2. Baptised Catholic Children resident in the designated parishes of St. Dominic’s and Holy Name with a brother or sister in the school.
  3. Baptised Catholic children in the designated parishes
  4. Baptised Catholic children living outside the designated parishes with a brother or sister already in the school
  5. Children with a brother or sister already in the school
  6. Baptised Catholic children whose home address is outside the parish 
  7. Children who have not been baptized or received into the Catholic Church who are in the care of the Local Authority
  8. Other children who do not have a brother or sister in the school
Where there are place available for some, but not all applicants within a particular criterion, distance from home address to school will be the deciding factor, with preference being given to those whose home address is nearest to the school, as measured by the shortest walking route.

Admission to the Nursery Unit by itself gives no priority in application for places in St. Catherine’s School. Parents must apply separately for a place in Reception Class.