Breakfast and After-school Clubs



Providing busy parental lifestyles with flexibility, and piece of mind in knowing that your little ones continue to grow and play even before and after the school day.

A safe, well supervised and Ofsted-approved environment in the small hall at St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, the Breakfast and After-school club can accommodate up to 16 children per session. 

At St.Catherine's our day doesn’t stop when the school bell rings because we understand either does yours. Our  breakfast club after school club offers family’s the safe, warm, welcoming and reliable option of additional caring support throughout term time. During their time with us the children will be provided with a snack and water is available at all times.

Our team of club activity co-ordinators have a wealth of over 30 years’ combined experience in nurturing and supporting our pupils with a vast array of activities that range from early years development and exploration, to helping with homework, and even to help prepping for the next steps in their academic journey the team really do go all out to make sure that every child is understood and catered for.

Our Aims:

  • Provide- We have , and always will provide a  safe , happy , inclusive and stimulating  environment for all children  to learn  and grow and develop freely , whilst still having the option to rest and restore  if and when they so choose.
  • Promote- Accountability and responsibility. We are huge believers in children thinking for themselves. This to us is a huge part of personal growth, and we like to actively promote positive outlook and independence. We feel it is vital that the children learn about taking responsibility for their own actions to become confident in their own choices, whilst still remaining respectful of others.
  • Positive relationships- We pride ourselves on positive and open and honest partnerships with both the children and their parents or guardians. Whether it be working together towards common goals or making sure everyone is reading from the same page the foundations of high quality care start with a happy working relationship.
  • Monitor and Grow- Through re-evaluations, reflections and regular monitoring we strive to grow and evolve to make sure we continue to be the best service we can possibly be for everyone.

Our promise to parents & guardians:

  • Listen, React & Respond –Parents and guardians concerns have always and will always be met with nothing but total professionalism and we will always do our best to act and respond in the best interest of both the child and parent.
  • Inform and Assist- All updates regarding policies, procedures, opening and closing times, fees and charges, and activity plans will always be provided to parents or guardians directly. This also applies to anything we feel may need to be shared or discussed with about the children whether it be achievements, experiences, progress and friendships, along with any difficulties that may arise.

Our proud and promised commitments:

  • Genuine Care – Our focus has and always will be to provide the best quality care and activities, putting the needs and health and safety of every child first.
  • Challenge and Develop-  Promote all forms of development from social to physical, to moral and intellectual, all whilst keeping everything fun and interesting whilst being stimulating at the same time .
  • Comfort and Assure – We have and always will provide a safe space for all children , where we uphold a zero tolerance policy on bullying and discrimination , ensuring no child will suffer either whilst being in our care.
  • Comply- Our team are all fully experienced, have all of the necessary training and support in place to ensure that we have and will always continue to meet the conditions of the Children Act (CA) 1989 and are fully compliant with all other relevant childcare legislation, wherever they apply.

What we ask in return:

  • Inform- We kindly ask that all parents and guardians keep us as up to date as possible with any changes regarding your child. Whether it be dietary changes, or personal changes it is important that we are made aware to keep all children as safe as possible.
  • Keep up to date – Our policies may change from time to time. If this does ever happen we will always endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, all we ask is that you ready any changes and keep as up to date as possible.
  • Work Together- Work alongside us in partnership to achieve what is best for your child.


A little glimpse of what we like to get up to after school

Our activities co- coordinators work tirelessly to make sure that there really is something for everyone. Whether it be outdoor activities, arts and crafts, role plays, gardening, reading, helping with homework or computing work to name but a few… but don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself  


Breakfast Club: 7:30 - 8:40am
After School Club: 3:30 - 5:55pm

For more information about bookings and the sessional charges please contact:
St Catherine's School office on 0191 2326803