Foundation Statements

These are our core aims agreed by the whole school community in 2003 and which provide the context to our school’s work.

Ethos: We will create an environment in which Gospel values are understood and lived out. The contributions and presence of all are valued and celebrated.

Teaching Goal: Our teaching is a creative, energetic reflective process which inspires children and matches their needs.

Learning Goal: We will provide purposeful, enjoyable opportunities for pupils (and the whole school community) to develop the skills with which to understand and shape their world.

Leadership and Management: We will provide a clear vision matched with supportive action which enables the growth of all staff towards a shared sense of purpose, direction and responsibility.

Performance Standards: We will achieve context-specific excellence which encourages the development of the whole child.

Pupils: We will develop happy, confident, independent, self-actualising children.

Learning Environment: Learning will be encouraged by providing colourful, stimulating, well-planned spaces adapted to the needs of the learners.

School Community: We aspire to become a lifelong learning community which works together for the common good and reaches outward to the wider community as a model of tolerance, equality, mutual respect and partnership.

Resources and Budget: We will use allocated resources effectively and transparently, matched with agreed priorities, whilst actively exploring alternative resources and/or income.

Curriculum: We will provide a rich, varied, innovative and engaging curriculum delivered using flexible, differentiated methods which recognizes the equality and diversity of learners.