Mission Statement

St. Catherine’s Catholic Primary School is a special learning community which strives for excellence, where everyone knows they are loved, where they feel happy and secure and have a positive self-image. As a Catholic school, based on the Gospel and teaching of the Church we recognise the equality and dignity of all people in the eyes of God.

The school’s Catholic ethos, which brings a deeper understanding of the Gospel values of trust, respect and dignity, permeates our educational endeavours. We aim to create an environment in which Gospel values are exemplified and lived out:

  • for the children and adults in our school community to achieve their full human potential in all aspects of school life, particularly as one of God’s family. 
  • to develop and encourage effective partnerships and create meaningful interaction between home, school, parish and the wider community.
  • to promote equal opportunities and the appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • to provide a framework for a way of living within and outwith the classroom.
  • by celebrating achievement at every level, so that all may feel valued as unique creations of God and recognise their self-worth.