Health and Safety

  1. For obvious reasons of child safety, cars are not permitted to enter the school grounds.
  2. Pushchairs are not permitted in the children’s corridors.
  3. Sweets and crisps are prohibited but fruit may be eaten at playtime. Children in Classes Rec-Y2 may bring a drink for morning break. (No glass bottles or cans).
  4. Dangerous implements (objects which may constitute a danger to pupils) are not permitted in school.
  5. Department for Children, Families and Schools Guidelines regarding the administration of medication to pupils in mainstream schools are followed:
  6. The aim of the guidelines is to ensure, wherever possible, that children are able to continue their education, regardless of their medical needs. School staff have a professional duty to safeguard the health and safety of pupils, but this does not imply a duty upon them to administer medication. However, school staff may voluntarily undertake this responsibility.
  7. In some circumstances it can become essential for your child to receive prescribed medication during school hours in order to attend school eg if a child is diabetic. Parents should request from school a copy of the policy and associated guidelines on the administration of medication to pupils in mainstream schools.
  8. To avoid accidents the wearing of jewellery (including earrings) is not permitted. Children wearing earrings will not be able to participate in any physical activity unless with parents’ written consent, whereby parents accept full responsibility. (Small studs are suggested in this case). Watches are permitted, but they should not be valuable and must be removed for P.E. swimming, etc.

  9. No child should bring money to school unless for a clearly agreed reason eg transport home.

  10. All parents are asked to park considerately outside of the school gates. This is to protect our children. Parents double parking may be issued with a parking ticket by the local Beat Officers who frequently visit school at the beginning and end of the school day.

  11. Most staff have received Emergency First Aid training Julie Banks and Gillian Phillips have full First Aid Certificates that are kept up to date and Chris Murray, Fiona Craggs and Maureen Nixon have Paediatric First Aid training.