St. Catherine’s Catholic Primary School provides places for boys and girls 3+ to 11+ and has a Nursery with a capacity for 26 full-time equivalent places.

The capacity number for school is 210 children.

Normally children are admitted to the Reception class in the September of the school year in which their fifth birthday occurs, although they are not legally required to attend until the term after their fifth birthday.

Children are normally admitted to Nursery in the September after their third birthday. Admissions to Nursery may also be considered at the beginning of the Spring and Summer Terms for children who are 3 years old. This is dependant on spaces being available and is at the discretion of the Governing Body.

The school is a Catholic School which serves the Parish of St. Dominic’s, Shieldfield, and The Holy Name, Jesmond .

Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust is the admissions authority and is responsible for determining the admission policy. The Local Authority coordinates the admissions process on behalf of the Trust. The administration and operation of the admission policy is delegated by the Trust to the Local Governing Committee.
There is a right for people to object about the policy to the Schools Adjudicator (OSA). See the Schools Adjudicator website for more information on how to do this.