Admission Arrangements

Parents who have requested admission for their child are invited to complete an admissions form which must be returned by 15 January 2023.

The Governing Body’s Admissions committee meets to consider applications at the end of the Spring Term. Parents are informed of successful applications by email by 16 April 2023.

Late applications received by the governing body after the closing date from parents who have moved into the area will be included in the applications considered by the governing body’s Admissions committee. Applications received after the Admissions committee have met to consider applications will be placed on the waiting list according to the Governing Body’s over-subscription criteria.

Where a child fulfils the admissions criteria of more than one school listed on the Local Education Authority’s Parental Preference Form, the governing body of St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School recognises the Local Education Authority’s responsibility to apply the process contained within the “School Admissions Code of Practice”. Therefore the Local Education Authority, acting on behalf of the school’s governing body, will allocate a place at the “Offering school” listed highest on the Parental Preference.