St Catherine's Curriculum

St Catherine’s Curriculum

Our mission statement, ‘Letting our light Shine’, is central to our curriculum and is central to everything we do. We provide an ambitious curriculum that offers a rounded educational experience. It is characterised by its inclusivity, emphasis on fostering independence and resilience, and the central role of Jesus in all that we teach.

Our curriculum is structured using the Early Years’ Framework and the National Curriculum and we follow the diocesan guidelines for the teaching of RE.

We teach discrete subjects developing the children substantive knowledge (factual/specific) and disciplinary knowledge (procedures to acquire substantive knowledge). Each subject is divided into half term units of progressive and sequenced learning to enable children to build upon prior knowledge.

Each unit of work has identified key knowledge for the children to acquire, which is identified on the knowledge organisers. The learning is sequenced to enable children to make links in their learning within a subject and where applicable across subjects. Our curriculum reinforces prior learning, ensuring that knowledge is firmly embedded in long-term memory.

Our curriculum is enriched with a range of experiences to enhance, support and develop further our children’s learning. We are developing end points (assessment of key knowledge) ensuring that children are ready for each next stage of their learning.

Our curriculum implementation is based on Rosenshine’s Principles at the core of our teaching and learning approach to help support children knowing more and remembering more.

Our goal is for our children to leave us with resilience, respect and ambition. Everything we do at St. Catherine's revolves around our children, with Jesus as our guiding force.