Parent Support

Susan Jenkins is St Catherine's Family Support Partner. Susan organises and co-ordinates many programmes and activities such as support group sessions; counselling services for friendship issues, bereavement, bedwetting and divorce; adult education courses and speakers on subjects such as cyber-bullying and first aid.

Please ask!
If there is anything you're concerned about that isn't covered here please do ask, it's likely that Susan will be able to advise or at least point you in the right direction.

Susan is in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be contacted on these days on 07506 221429 or susan.jenkins@stcatherinesnewcastle.org

One of Susan's roles is to work with parents at the first signs of social, emotional, health or behavioural issues in their children, to ensure that every child arrives at school ready to learn. Susan provides support and guidance early on to prevent problems worsening and interfering with a child's ability to engage with school life.

Susan's here to advise you about who to turn to for support for your child and yourself. Where more than one organisation is involved, Susan acts as co-ordinator and can arrange for everyone to sit around one table to discuss what can be done for the best outcome for your child.

There are many familiar organisations that can support you and also some that you may not have heard of or not even have thought of - Susan can advise you, pinpoint the most appropriate and make a referral.

School health advisors
School health advisors are registered nurses who specialise in working with children and young people.

Newcastle Families Information Service
A guide to local organisations, childcare and events

Barnardos North East
On average every year we work with around 23,360 children, young people and their families in the North East. We provide over 70 services – each one of them different.

Change for Life
Eat well, move more, live longer - here's how

Family Learning
All parents want their children to do well at school and to succeed. However, many simply don't know where to start. Everything seems to have changed since your own schooldays, and you don't want to confuse your children by using different methods to their teacher. Family Learning can help.

Sure Start
Children's centres provide a variety of advice and support for parents and carers. Their services are available to you from pregnancy right through to when your child goes into reception class at primary school.

Welfare Rights and Money Advice
Here, you will find many pages of benefit and tax credits information; benefit office contact details; how to claim and appeal; benefit changes and where to get advice. And you can sign up for a benefit bulletin. There is also an area on debt and money advice.

Susan also has the role of nipping early truancy in the bud, and is the person who will call home to find out why a child is not in school. She works closely with Attendance Officers but is always the first point of contact and will try to get to the bottom of attendance or punctuality issues.

Engaging with St Catherine's
Susan can arrange 'meet the teacher' sessions for families new to the school. She actively promotes effective communication between parents and teachers about their child's progress, through parents' evenings and throughout term time.
Susan also encourages parents to volunteer for school activities and involvement with the Friends of St Catherine's.

The transition into Secondary School can be a daunting time for you and your child. Transitional sessions will be included in your child's timetable, throughout Year 6. More information regarding these sessions will be given to your child when needed.

Learning opportunities for parents
Susan can provide learning opportunities for parents at St Catherine's through Newcastle Family Learning. Subjects include ICT, Numeracy, Literacy, Exercise, Arts and Crafts.

Contact Susan
Susan is in school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and can be contacted on these days on 07506 221429 or susan.jenkins@stcatherinesnewcastle.org