St Catherine's School

This is a happy school where staff, children and parents genuinely feel like part of a family. Our cultural diversity is celebrated, our teaching is creative and energetic and staff share a sense of purpose, direction and responsibility. Our pupils are fantastic ambassadors for the school and show enthusiasm, sensitivity to others, individuality and a sense of pride in belonging to this school.

There's always something going on at St Catherine's and we urge you to visit our site regularly.  Newsletters come out every 2 weeks and are archived here on the site for reference.

If you'd like to visit the school to find our more about this special place, please contact the school office by email or by calling the number at the bottom of the page.

best wishes

Miss Hoey
Head Teacher
St Catherine's Catholic Primary School
Greystoke Gardens 
Newcastle upon Tyne
Telephone: 0191 2326803
Email: office@stcatherinesnewcastle.org
Bishop Bewick Telephone: 0191 816 3700
Headteacher: Miss Lisa Hoey
Chair of Governors:  Mrs Jeni Hastie
Members of staff who deal with queries
School Business Manager: Mrs Margaret Johnson
Administrative Assistant:  Mrs Clare Roberts
Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs Christine Murray